Circuit of Ireland 2009

Paddy entered the Circuit of Ireland as a one off Rally. He was having a fantastic run until he came to the infamous Hamilton's Folly which is a large jump. He should have been left-over-crest but ended up right-over-crest. He was in 6th gear on the flat doing 120MPH and landed on the side of a stone wall. He cracked the windscreen, broke the front strut, smashed the front wheel and bent the track control arm but he still managed to get the car back on the road and drive 4 miles on 3 wheels. He lost approximately 3 minutes but still managed to finish 10th overall.

Rally Ireland '07

Paddy got a puncture in the second stage of Rally Ireland which lost him 3.5 minutes and a further problem with the brake pedal valve sticking created a lack of confidence, particularly in the atrocious conditions. Nevertheless Paddy decided to go for a finish. This rally is to be remembered for its toughness, weather conditions, narrow roads and cut grass margins, etc. However, it was a well run rally with good organisation which Paddy was glad to finish.

Donegal Harvest Stages '07

Paddy used the Donegal Harvest Rally Stages as a test run before the forthcoming Rally Ireland which will take place in November. The Rally proved to be invaluable as a number of problems occurred which will need to be put right.

The Luxembourg Rally '07

Paddy took part in the Luxembourg Rally in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg. He was seeded in third position but unfortunately went out of the Rally early on. He was sponsored by Wengler Racing

The Pendragon Stages '07

Unfortunately, the Pendragon Rally did not turn out the way Paddy would have liked. He had a malfunction on the launch control at stage one, which persisted during the first four stages. So he drove to M Sport to have the car put right before he takes part in Luxembourg on 14th September.

The Phoenix Park Motor Races '07

Paddy White took part in the Formula Libre Race on Sunday 12th August in the Phoenix Park Motor Races in aid of Autism Action Ireland. He then drove in a two car demonstration with the Bugatti Veyron. He was fast on the straight but was being caught on the bends which created many sensational moments for racing driver Gordon Kellet who was driving the Bugatti.

Bugatti Veyron v Ford Focus Demonstration at the Phoenix Park Races

ALMC Stages '07

Paddy White Wins the ALMC Rally in monsoon weather conditions!

The Rally was held locally in Nobber, Slane and Carlanstown. White in his third outing in the new Ford Focus started off on the first stage joint leader with the former Welsh Champion Melvin Evans with Kenny McKinstry 2 seconds down in second place. The weather conditions deteriorated to such an extent that half of the field of 156 cars went off the road including Manx Winner McKinstry.

Donegal International Rally '07

Paddy's participation in the Donegal International Rally was only his second event in the new Ford Focus and also his second event overall since September '06. On Friday, the evidence was there to see that Paddy was rusty as he had bad timing on the wet as he got used to the car. On Saturday morning he had a minor mishap with the steering which left the handling more difficult. But on Sunday, on the dry, he posted some good times but on the last stage the launch control failed at the start line, losing him 25 seconds. Paddy then got a puncture trying to make time and he dropped to 15th overall.

Killarney Rally of the Lakes '07

Paddy's new car, the M-Sport 2005 Ford Focus made it's debut in Killarney and he was 19th overall.