Name: Patrick White

Old Car: Subaru Impreza S9

New Car: '05 Ford Focus


Driver History:
Paddy White's driving career started some years ago in Jim Russell Racing Driving School in the United Kingdom. Throughout the years he has rallied in numerous car makes, some of which include Opel 240RS, Nissan and Ford, to name just a few. Then in 2001 he moved on to a Subaru P5 WRC. With great success in his Subaru P5 he decided to upgrade to an Ex Petter Solberg S7 car and registered for the Toshiba and West European Cup Championships. Paddy White was 6th overall in the Toshiba Championship and was also leading the West Euro 2003 Championship going into the last round, The Golden Tulip which took place on the 27th of September 2003 in Holland. Paddy was the first Irish man to win the West Euro Cup Championship after the final event in Holland. This year Paddy will be competing in his new car, the Red '05 Ford Focus. The car made it's debut at the Rally of the Lakes in Killarney.